Thank you for visiting Little Lana’s Cookies!  Allow me to tell you our story…. I want to start out by saying that I am far from a professional baker, but I do have a love for the creative world, the cookie world! I started baking only a few years ago and it started out just something I did for my kids—who I’ll introduce you to later but for now, its about me. Many years ago, my au pair showed me how to make the most amazing French Macarons on earth.  I mean hands down… her version was pure heaven.  We explored pistachio flavor because that was my favorite.  Years later, I took what she taught me, and I began to modify the whole process (and if you’ve ever made French macarons, then you’ll know what a pain it is) and in the end, after some major changes took effect, the cookies came out of the oven, and I said “OMG…I have created something!”

  I continued to refine that same recipe for many years after.  So many people began raving about my pistachio “macaron” cookies that they began asking me to make it for them and then eventually asked to buy them from me.  I finally gave in and sold a few during the holidays. Then, slowly I began to play with a few more tasty flavors: raspberry, orange, blueberry, and chocolate pecan!

It wasn’t until January 2022, that I decided to launch this small little business.  No expectation really.  No planning.  Little Lana’s Cookies was born! I picked out some new fun flavors to try and set things in motion.  I didn’t realize that I would sell 100 dozen my first month and even more in the second month.  I realized that I might have something good going on over here.  So here I am, in a testing phase of Little Lana’s Cookies where I will be building a menu by testing over 40 new flavors in the next 4-6 months. I have plans to grow and find this new path where I get to bring you all a little sweet treat into your home. 

Little Lana’s Cookies are all gluten-free because I use almond flour.  So far only 1 cookie flavor is NOT gluten-free (S’mores) because it uses a graham cracker crumble–but this could change soon!   But all others are gluten free.  I am highly selective with my ingredients, and I take a lot of time testing the recipes until they are perfect.  Most of the ingredients are organic and natural which makes them such a great choice for your sweet treat.  Every cookie has unique ingredients that is specific for each flavor.  This can also be a challenge because each ingredient bakes differently. So when I say I have to test every flavor, the process can be long and strenuous! But when it works–its GOLD! I ensure quality. Because I use fresh fruit extracts and powders, our cookie flavors are so robust and powerful! I am searching for new ideas every day so if you have a flavor I haven’t done, please do share!

This is an adventure for sure and I am so excited!  I think we are ready to share our love of these gluten-free cookies with the world.