Help bring awareness to and give back to communities and organizations with missions that support a better world. Little Lana wants to be part of change, even if its $1 and 1 dozen at a time. Each quarter Little Lana will select an organization to run a fundraiser for. A Portion of the total sales for the month will be donated for the selected non-profit.

Become a Recipient

Do you have an organization you want to have a fundraiser for? Send an email to orders@littlelanascookies.com and tell me your story. I’d love to help YOU.

Current Fundraiser (March)

Help Ukrainian Families

For the month of March, I’ve selected The International Rescue Committee (IRC) This organization helps people affected by humanitarian crises. As Russia invades Ukraine and civilians seek safety, the IRC is preparing to rush critical aid to displaced families. Help us support families affected by the Ukraine crisis. Little Lana is committed to donate a percentage of total sales to the IRC. Pick up box of Little Lana’s Cookies and make an impact one cookie at a time! Order here

Fundraiser Recipients

March 2022