Welcome to Little Lana’s Cookies official website and exploring our cookies. You have either had our cookies and a loyal fan or you have heard about us, curious and no doubt will be a future fan. Either way, thank you for supporting this small business. Stars are the limit, and we are just getting started! Feel free to check out my website and learn about me and my cookies. But in a nutshell, my cookies are all gluten-free and are “French Macaron” inspired. Meaning I use the same base ingredients and processes as you would when you craft a French Macaron. You will find some similarities. Except I have created my own twist and flavors for each and every cookie you will try. I’d say its unique. You’ll have to try it for yourself to see. Check our “Order” Page weekly as I change flavors constantly depending on availability of ingredients. It makes life a bit mysterious and fun, don’t you think? I can’t tell you what I’ll have next week, but I can I promise, you will be happy.

All of our cookies are gluten free because it’s made from almond flour and egg whites. It is similar to a French macaron in consistency and texture without the filling. The flavors are also more bold–some might say. You really have no idea, until you take one bite, then YOU KNOW.

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We currently have 20+ flavors and 20+ more to be tested and added to the menu. The next 6 months will be a lot of testing, so you’ll be seeing new flavors added every month.

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To place an Order go, HERE. Check our flavors page to see what is available for the month.

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