New Flavor Alert! Welcome to the Menu STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!

April 15, 2023

Run the Greenway May 6th!!!

April 6, 2023

As some of you may know, Little Lana’s Cookies is a proud Gold Sponsor of Run The Greenway (walk/run) event where we are helping raise funds for Step Sisters (a local breast cancer non profit). May 6th is approaching fast and we’ve yet to reach our goal! I’ve decided to offer a sweet incentives for all my donors and runners! I will gift a petite box of double cookies for each entry and donation for our cause! More than anything, I’d love to see and meet you at the event! Here’s the link to join or donate! I appreciate any and all support for this amazing cause close to my heart!

Lana’s Birthday Fundraiser

September 11, 2022

Happy Birthday to my baby girl LANA!!! The Inspiration to Little Lana’s Cookies! “She is small but fierce.” Growing up with 3 older brothers has made her tough but yet she remains so sweet and sometimes the strongest. Proud to be her mom and watch her grow into the amazing human she is meant to be. ❤️

I rarely ever post anything about Lana. So very few of you know who she actually is. I know some of you think I am Lana but nope, I’m not! haha. It’s my daughter, youngest child and only girl! This fundraiser is a big deal for her. She’s truly learning what it means to take action on things that are important to her. And understand that we really can make a difference In the world if we put our mind and heart to it.

Lana was taught at a very special school she went to since 2.5 that when it’s their birthday that it’s also a time to give. This year, for her birthday coming up, she wants to GIVE back to the place that gave her the greatest foundation to succeed not just in education but in life through a fundraiser for Montessori School Of South Riding (MSSR), a small local non-profit school that will forever be in our hearts! So I hope you will join me in supporting a good cause! MSSR truly believes in giving all children the opportunity of learning so money raised here will be contributed to their scholarship program which is amazing. Whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. The MSSR is a non-profit Primary School for children ages 3 to 6 years old. MSSR is one of thirteen schools in Virginia and the only bilingual Montessori school in Loudoun County recognized by AMI-USA. Founded in 2003 by Carmen Arenas using the principles of Montessori education, MSSR is a warm, enriched environment designed to stimulate the child’s natural desire to learn.

Here’s a message from my birthday girl ❤️ I’ve also taught her, “go big or go home,” what can I say? $3000 was her goal!! Thank you everyone for being the most generous and supportive friends on earth!! You’ve already helped my Lana get more than half-way to her goal! The fundrasier will be open for another week 9/21! Donate today and be part of her mission!

Link to fundraiser

Thank you!

July 11, 2022

THANK YOU 🙏🏼 I don’t know about you but I actually love Mondays! It’s a day I reset everything! I get more focused, I set new goals and mission for the week to conquer whatever it is I want to accomplish. My only complaint is that time moves too fast. Can’t we just savior moments longer? It has been 7 months since I’ve launched Little Lana’s Cookies. I have loved every minute of it. 7 months ago I said I will spend the next 6 months just testing flavors and creating more and now I have over 50 flavors in the books and continuing to add more weekly. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me feel to see your reaction to my cookies. It’s truly the best part of this business. It really confirms what I’m doing here and my goals is the sky–to share Little Lana with the world. The next 6-12 months will be focused on taking us to another level so stay tuned as we continue to grow. You ALL are amazing customers and the reason behind my success. So as I prep for the week and decide what flavors I am putting out. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your support and being the cookie addicts that you are! 😆 HAPPY MONDAY SWEET FRIENDS ❤️

New Flavors and more on the Horizon!

June 28, 2022

Allow me to introduce 3 new flavors I just added to the menu! White Chocolate Strawberry, Hazelnut Coffee, and Samoas! We are creating and testing more new flavors every week! We are so close to adding Mint Chocolate Chip but just need to tweak it a bit more before its perfect. Other flavors I have in my queue to test is Blood Orange Cranberry Spice, Mojito, Pina Colada, Neopolitan, pumpkin spice, and so many more! These cookies will be making its debut this Sunday at the Eat Loco Farmers Market in Brambleton. Can’t wait for you to try it!

Market Success!

June 26, 2022

We have officially completed 4 Farmers Markets at the One Loudoun and Brambleton locations on the books (many more to come!) and it has been an incredible experience! Meeting new customers and sharing our treats with the world is truly rewarding in itself. We plan to keep this going for the next year and will try to get to the markets as often as we can. But just in case we are not there, you can place an order through our online form and pick up anytime throughout the week.

Little Lana joins Eat Loco Farmers Markets!

May 22, 2022

I am so happy to announce Little Lana’s Cookies have joined Eat EatLoco Farmers Markets and will be popping up in several locations all summer long!!! Every Sunday 9 am- 1 pm! I will keep you posted each week on when and where we’ll be! Come check us out and try our unique gluten-free cookies!!! First market we will be at will be Sunday May 29th at Brambleton! Check out the Eat Loco website for details

Kicking off Cookies for a Cause for Ukraine!

As many of you know. I was a child born from war of one of the worst human atrocities in the history of the world. It’s still hard to fathom that my family lived through it all. My first generation Cambodian-American born kids truly have no idea the road we have traveled from. But one day I will teach them. And while I was too young to remember any of it. The trauma still lives through my parents and the generations before me. Cambodia thrives now but not without the scars of its past. 

My heart aches for Ukraine. I sympathize for the people and for a country fighting to stay alive. My mom texted me today and said, what is wrong with people? Why do they want to destroy the world? This is a woman who has seen the ins and out of war. And I had no answers for her as we watch history continually repeating itself. If not Ukraine, it’ll be another country. But for now, let’s stand with Ukraine. 

While I may not change the world. I want to create a platform where Little Lana’s can do something meaningful and although small, impactful. I will be donating a portion of total sales in March to Crisis in Ukraine. “The International Rescue Committee has a long history of providing resources to refugees fleeing countries facing humanitarian crisis. Its leaders have responded to the situation in Ukraine by meeting with organizations in Poland and Ukraine to gauge the potential number of refugees and their needs so it can quickly mobilize and provide whatever assistance is needed.” 

I know many of you are probably doing something in your own ways to help. This is mine and you’re welcome to take part! Get yourself a box today and know that you are part of saving someone’s life. Order Here